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She has committed a host of white collar crimes – bank fraud, credit fraud, aliases, bad check, truancy with my sons
She has committed a host of white collar crimes - bank fraud, credit fraud, aliases, bad check, truancy with my sons

Anybody out there? I happened to 'trip' onto this site and feel flabbergasted over it. So many people looking for help and here I thought I was the only one! No HA! here! I am a multiple personality of about 30; due to much, and terrible abuse as a child and young adult. I was diagnosed wrongly years ago into many associated disorders like 'manic-depression' 'schizoid', and a few others. I believed them. They put me on so many drugs and nothing helped. I mean, nothing! I turned into a walking zombie! All these people wanted to do was cover up my problem and even worse, then addiction set in! Over and over I have looked for help, and no one takes me seriously. I can sit in a doctors office and manifest a worried child of about 4, and then the looks come on their faces. 'nut case'. So then they want to give me more medication and I am sick to death of it! Isn't there anyone out there who is able to see a real need anymore? So that a person is able to 'heal' instead of being drugged? I live in Wisconsin near the Eau Claire area. Any suggestions? If you can hear me, I truly need some help. I recently had a relationship with a sociopath who put the icing on the cake! Now, every time some stressors come, I manifest out of control, looking for that place to hide in and be safe once again. There is a personality on board who likes to cut me and I am in dismay about this entire mess. I will NOT take mind-altering drugs, for I am a Prophet; yes, folks, it's the truth Colorado car title and payday loan service. So, if any one of you out there love The Lord Your God, maybe you could help me! A 'nut-case' starved for some understanding and empathy. anon123

And people around here are pretty ignorant of this type of thing

FRED - just read your post. I've known just such a person for 22 years and had two sons with her. We have been divorced 10 years. All the same things you speak of. Dysfunctional, pathological liar, white collar crime, stealing, aliases, squeezing money out of everyone she can. Has our children conned into believing their father is a horrible person. She has custody because I never stood a chance in court against her. She manipulates through emotional bullying. Has never held down a job. Fired for stealing from the last one. My prayers are with you. I wish you every success with your children in hopes they see it eventually. Mine - 12, 19, and 28 - still believe her. What's more - they know what she does, but are all emotionally crippled by her. Jim anon123

I am broken hearted because I've never been able to help her - and my sons

I was married to a sociopath for 10 years. Been divorced from her for 10 years. She is the most charming person I've ever known. She's intelligent. She's my intellectual equal. She was a magnificent lover. She is the most convincing person I've ever known. I had two sons with her. She's a pathological liar. She is mentally abusive any time she is caught red handed. She knows how to manipulate people. In a court room, she has judges eating out of her hands. She has managed to stay in her house despite the mortgage company's efforts to throw her out (foreclosure). She has damaged my children beyond measure (I didn't stand a chance against her in a custody battle). I can tell you from my own experiences that you cannot heal a sociopath. They first have to recognize and admit they have a problem. They won't because they don't think they have a problem. I've tried to help her for 20 years. It is always someone else's fault - never theirs. Their problem is just never discussed. Try to discuss it and the conversation always spins around to what's wrong with you and why you are the problem. I've never been able to get through to her. anon12261 yesterday

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