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Clamantha’s biggest role was a student in “Two Clams crazy”
Clamantha's biggest role was a student in "Two Clams crazy"

Clamantha are a clam and a student at Freshwater High. The woman is enthusiastic about Oscar, and is family with Bea, Shellsea, Finberley, Esmargot and Koi.


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Clamantha is the head cheerleader of this Freshwater extreme Cheerleading Squad. Shea€?s very optimistic about everything. Based on this lady Fishbook profile, she spends a lot of their energy memorizing the cheerleading choreography. She loves hanging out along with her friends and chasing after Oscar, the girl crush. She's a shrine specialized in Oscar within her locker ("Bea remains during the visualize").

This woman is observed many times attempting to imagine getting somebody else, often wanting to fool a person, and always will get caught at some point ("Doris Flores Gorgeous", "Dances with Wolf Fish", "seafood Floaters").

Shea€?s very child-like as found by the simple fact that their doorway is included in unicorns and rainbows, while their space is full of dolls, like a giant the one that accocunts for the lady bed. The woman is really violent on occasion, particularly when Webster ceased conversing with the lady, she believed the guy disliked this lady and smashed this lady heart, creating the woman to break him by organizing him out of the tank. Clamantha also is commonly unintelligent, as present in a lot of periods, and may also can getting clueless. Their voice seems extremely distinctive.

Personal Lives

Clamantha didn't come with indisputable fact that Milo and Oscar were dressed as women whenever she was asked to Bea's sleepover celebration, which demonstrates she will be able to end up being a little unaware some times. She recommended decorating the girl nails, even though she does not have any, and hydrated every person's fin ("seafood Sleepover Party").

Shea€?s proved to be solitary and attempted to kiss Oscar at lunch ("Doris Flores Attractive"). Clamantha enjoyed the thought of Bea becoming a grownup ("Bea gets a grown-up Fish").Clamantha arrived through whenever Bea demanded enjoyment for your artificial college dance. It's found that Clamantha provides her own musical organization also known as "Clamantha and also the Shiny things". Certainly one of the lady songs is focused on Oscar ("king Bea").

She had been the princess in Oscar's "dream" and was actually captured from the dragon seafood ("The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish").

When main Stickler described dropsy as an illness like chicken pox, however for seafood, Clamantha don't understand what a poultry is. She also offered Albert 10,000 seafood money since he'd the dropsy. ("Dropsy!").

When Oscar was actually dealing with a device in Dr. Frog's woodshop course, Clamantha snuck abreast of your and damaged their task. Clamantha told your he only desired to state hi to their best "boyfriend." Oscar, whoa€?s fed up with Clamantha's fanatical crush on your, shared with her they are not several, but Clamantha was already willing to smooch your, so he went out. Clamantha made an effort to hug Oscar again by sneaking into his residence, however when the guy shoved their computer in her own face, Clamantha caught view of it and fell so in love with they. Oscar, thinking it had been their opportunity to avoid Clamantha, told her his sexcam is also known as "Webster the Clam," so the guy might have the lady take adore with your instead of Oscar. When Clamantha starred angle the bottle with Webster within her area, Webster's battery pack started initially to die, creating Clamantha envision he was disregarding their. Oscar went along to the lady residence whenever Clamantha also known as your, and discovered their inside her bed, crying. Oscar made a decision to cheer the woman upwards, stating that Webster is a significant jerk, that she's a sweet lady, and she's chatiw profilleri a heart of gold.

When Bud is washing the tank Freshwater extreme was in, Mr. Baldwin plus the students was required to evacuate. Baldwin put Clamantha in to the class following the incident to check when the shore ended up being clear ("Diary of a Lost Fish"). This and many other situations have shown that folks do not generally speaking like Clamantha much.

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