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5 “I recently expected if perhaps you were cool. I didn’t inquire about the entire life story.”
5 "I recently expected if perhaps you were cool. I didn't inquire about the entire life story."

six "Perhaps dumb girls"

In the same episode, the team is not fully thinking about investing your day into the seashore. Stress work on very early ranging from Zuko and you can Mai given that Zuko attempts to control his state of mind whenever you are Mai goes on their dull demeanor.

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In an effort to end up being good boyfriend, Zuko gift ideas a hand to Mai, claiming it was beautiful and therefore every ladies appreciated very things. Mai scoffs and you will retorts with "Maybe Foolish females", and that does not help with Zuko's feeling after all.

Zuko was conflicted and you will questioning if the guy made a good choice out of signing up for their cousin and you can betraying their brother. While he is strong into the imagine Mai disrupts because of the inquiring in the event that they are cool. The guy responds along with their things and you can exactly what they are extremely considering, giving Mai a lot more of an answer than just she wanted.

She reacts inside the normal Mai trends because of the stating "I simply asked if you were cold. I did not request the existence facts." She is actually flirting nonetheless it still angered Zuko.

cuatro "I don't dislike you."

Mai and Zuko is actually a match made in heaven, using them one another with pessimistic views toward community, and therefore are one another hard visitors to delight. Zuko has a vibe and he seems to lose their determination without difficulty while Mai features nothing prefer towards the globe and you can absolutely nothing persistence because the well.

When the a couple is actually viewing their amount of time in this new coastline, Zuko comments on sunrays as well as tone. She statements tangerine is an unappealing colour and Zuko smiles and you can statements he wants exactly how she dislikes the world. She talks about him and you will reacts "I don't hate you".

step three "Oh, better, I'm very sorry I am unable to be since highest-installed and you can crazy since rest of you."

Regarding the well known beach bout of ATLA, in the event the classification are sharing all their intimate facts, Mai try in the near future compelled to be vulnerable and you will display the lady deepest low self-esteem. To start with, she will not and you can mocks them by the saying "Oh, better, I'm sorry I am unable to become as the highest-hung and you will crazy once the remainder of your", stating she doesn't have a great heartfelt facts if you are who she is.

No matter if Mai has thinking and you can ideas, she work tough to mask the lady genuine self and she suggests a majority of one's reason has to do with this lady parents.

2 "I adore Zuko over We concern your".

From inside the an effective showdown between your Gaang (as well as their latest representative Zuko) and you may Azula and also the lady, Azula nearly provides the higher give into Gaang however, the girl yes win was quickly ruined by good regretful Mai.

When she's kept down from the Flame Country troops and questioned because of the Azula, that is very upset one Mai deceived her, she threatens the lady that Mai replies "I love Zuko more than I fear you". That it reassures you to definitely she actually is loyal in order to Zuko and you will do care on the him, despite the disagreement before on episode.

step one "My personal sibling drawn some chain. Therefore doesn't harm if new fire Lord is your boyfriend."

Once Mai and Ty Lee was arrested to own betraying Azula, he's for each thrown for the jail so you're able to suffice going back to their offense. Luckily some of the months these people were in the jail are all they necessary to turn over a unique leaf because each other female located a much better entry to its knowledge.

When Mai appears, she unexpected situations Zuko and you can embraces your, since it is the very first time viewing each other since the Mai helped this new Gaang stay away from. When Zuko asks just how she had aside, she casually reacts "My brother removed particular chain. And it also cannot hurt when the new-fire Lord will be your boyfriend".

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